Top Tech: Salesforce

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July 12, 2021
Top Tech: Salesforce CRM

Top Tech: Salesforce

We’re on a mission to share best practices and our favorite commercial real estate (CRE)-related technology tools in a series of blogs: 'Top Tech'.

Here, we explore the uses of Salesforce and cover why they make our top tech list.

What is Salesforce?

First off, the basics: Salesforce – the company – is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and Salesforce – the platform – is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

A few things that hit the mark for us:

  • Enterprise-focused
  • Streamlines sales and marketing functions in order to promote goods, services and more sales
  • Cloud-based, making it accessible to your whole team, wherever they may be located

If you need to communicate with customers and manage your customer base, automate processes, or manage events, Salesforce can handle it all.

Top Tech: Contacts managed

Real estate is an industry with high customer touch and low tech – especially on the residential side. A CRM strategy pinpoints how you manage your stakeholder engagements. And a CRM system like this brings together all customer touchpoints (email, website, phone, social, and more). It gives a single, smart view of all interactions with an individual.

For both clients and customers, this is a powerful tool. No more wondering if your colleague followed up or what the last status of your discussion was. It is all viewable and linked in one place.

Top Tech: Smart customer insights

In June 2021, Salesforce also announced the launch of their Einstein Relationship Insights (ERI) tool. This tool makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) research to gather meaningful insights on your relationships with companies, customers and prospective clients.

Venturebeat says “ERI can help sales reps close deals faster by acting as a virtual agent for salespeople in all industries, scanning news articles, social media, collaboration apps, email, and other online sources to uncover and deliver account and contact information”.

Top Tech: Marketing power

The kind of data that goes into a CRM can give your marketing and communications the edge. For example, you can capture a client’s personal contact preferences, storing knowledge on the best way to start a conversation on their preferred medium.

Salesforce also offers things like an email studio so you can send gorgeous and relevant mailers – as well as mobile, social, and advertising studios – and a journey builder so you can guide customers through the steps, channels, and departments as needed.

We are motivated by sharing information with our network, and as such this is NOT a paid or sponsored blog.

We want to hear from you too. What are your favorite tech tools? Is there a CRE digital solution we should know about? Drop a comment below.


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