Q&A With Affinity | Multifamily Versus Debt

I saw the following headline “A surge in debt costs threaten to wipe out many apartment building owners across the U.S.” and was wondering what you are seeing. I know this is a problem for several CRE asset classes, but I was surprised that apartments are seeing the same issues.

Client Testimonials

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Cap Rate Inquiry

I see a steady stream of real estate offerings across my computer desktop each day. It does not appear that the ask or listing prices based upon cap rates have changed at all for income producing properties. Are you seeing where the actual sold prices are softening, meaning cap rates are expanding at all?

CMBS Market Still Resilient Despite Office Headwinds

Extended uncertainty about the anticipated return to the workplace will have ramifications in the securities markets, but commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) are holding strong... for now.

Work Smarter Not Harder: The Impact of Blockchain on CRE

In this fourth blog in the emerging tech series, we have a look at the implications of this pivotal technology.

International Travel Should Bolster CRE Deal Potential

This NAI Affinity blog dives into international travel and the effect opening the U.S. borders will have on CRE deal potential.

A New Reality: AR and VR in CRE

This NAI Affinity blog dives into some of the applications of these AR and VR tools and how they can be used to enhance CRE operations.

Industrial Boom Continues into Late 2021, and Beyond

This NAI Affinity blog explores the continued growth and demand seen in the industrial real estate sector.

Home Building: The CRE Opportunity in the Residential Crisis

Here we examine the potential for deals and innovation, from both large investors-developers and for agile movers with new ideas.

Robotics in CRE: How Automation is Changing the Real Estate Value Proposition

We examine the role robotics plays in moving real estate towards towards a fully tech-enabled society.

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