Swire Coca-Cola, USA at 2534

Ryan Schaefer and Jake Hallauer represented Gerrard Development Corporation in the sale of approximately 11 acres of land at 2534 in Johnstown, CO to Swire Coca-Cola, USA. Swire Coca-Cola, USA plans to construct an approximately 125,000 sq. ft. High-quality beverage distribution facility, with the ability to expand to over 165,000 sq. ft.

“We are pleased to welcome Swire Coca-Cola, USA’s Distribution Facility to the 2534 Master Planned Community in Johnstown. The combination of Swire and High Country Beverage (who recently acquired land for a similar facility next door to Swire) will create jobs in Johnstown and further catalyze our Class A Business Park at 2534,” said Gary Gerrard, President of Gerrard Development Corporation.

Ryan Schaefer and Jake Hallauer were retained by us early in the planning stages of 2534 for their unique qualifications as both commercial real estate brokers and consultants to advise us with the planning of our 500-acre master planned community. Without their expert advice and knowledge of commercial real estate, 2534 would not be what it is today. – Gary Gerrard

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